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31deg29'26.87" N. 65deg50'11.93" E., Asia Minor, Azerbaijan
Everything that could possible happen between people happens during photography. It’s cool to see life thru a lens and play out on that stage over and over again. For me photography is a chance to peek in the human condition a little bit and see what makes people human and too see what makes them tick. It could be love, hate, stress, fear or anything for that matter but I have seen it through photography. I love it and I have to see that real burn out. If I saw photography as a job then I would get burnt out. I love to see a different way on how to understand people and even the relationships between people. Seeing so much beauty, emotion and action in photography made me open my eyes. Every day and ever place I walk I see something I can capture with a camera. I am always making notes and creating my own Rolodex of ideas. When I photograph, I document life happening before my eyes. It’s dynamic, fluid, and I must react to what’s happening before me to capture its essence. I love the problem solving and the hunt that comes along with photography.

I am who. Am who I. Who I am?

I am the interpretation of my scars: seen and unseen.Everyone has a story:beauty may or may not be in the cover,but scars are the text.And those who bear no scars have yet to live.Yet scars need not be seen to be real.In fact, unseen scars may rate more honor;especially if the visible scars were self-inflicted.Thus, all beauty isn't appealing,and all scars are not unappealing.Though, at times,beauty can burden like bearing a scar.But self-inflicted wounds remainthe only scars truly ugly.Controversially speaking,beauty usually forges vanity,while scars usually forge character.Which testify to your courage,your beauty or your scars?And how repulsive is a scar courage created?Not much.Scars earned through acts of heroism surpassthe beauty of the highest paid model.I'll take my battle scarsover your beauty awards any day.Maturity understands why battle scars are beauty marks.Which explains why pretty boys often die in battlewhile us junkyard dogs survive.Beauty on the battlefield is merely cannon fodder.Rely on the experience and wisdom earned withscars to get you safely through the battle (of life).Enduring the wounds of life are a better fashionstatement than scarification,body piercing, or tattoos.Every scar I bear testifiesthat I'm a survivor.After all, every masterpiece appears scarredwhen still a work in progress;yet when it eventually scars with ageit becomes no less a masterpiece.Society shames itself by encouraging heroesto bear their medals, yet hide their scars.Medals are given subjectively,only their scars bear the true extent of their honor.Just be yourself, scars and all.Especially you Vets.No medal on Earth can tell me moreabout your courage than your scars.Nor of my own.I am scarred for life,yet feel no shame.Who am I?I am the interpretation of my scars: seen and unseen.