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31deg29'26.87" N. 65deg50'11.93" E., Asia Minor, Azerbaijan
Everything that could possible happen between people happens during photography. It’s cool to see life thru a lens and play out on that stage over and over again. For me photography is a chance to peek in the human condition a little bit and see what makes people human and too see what makes them tick. It could be love, hate, stress, fear or anything for that matter but I have seen it through photography. I love it and I have to see that real burn out. If I saw photography as a job then I would get burnt out. I love to see a different way on how to understand people and even the relationships between people. Seeing so much beauty, emotion and action in photography made me open my eyes. Every day and ever place I walk I see something I can capture with a camera. I am always making notes and creating my own Rolodex of ideas. When I photograph, I document life happening before my eyes. It’s dynamic, fluid, and I must react to what’s happening before me to capture its essence. I love the problem solving and the hunt that comes along with photography.

Are YOu Living YOur Dream ??

I want to be bigger then what I am
I want to spread my wings and fly the skies
I want to soar the world
dip in and out of the rainbows
sleep in a new place every night
I want to watch all the people of the world
and their moments they were touched
I want to take pictures of those moments
the world will dance and feel blessed
Music, heard from all the corners of the world
bringing people together
making everything right
A groups warmth, warmer then the sun
laughter louder then thunder
The trees come to life
they sway and branch out
roots coming undone
All the animals hear a calling
“it’s safe” join us
All the world is at peace
All you can see is the colors blending
and this beautiful sound,that’s never been heard before
It sings…your safe.
It’s so bright and so beautiful
All the world is crying
We know no other emotion
we feel so loved
all we know is this love
it consumes us
We burst into a million pieces
and lift even higher
Our spirit free
we are all as one
It’s beautiful
This my friend…is what living is.
Maybe this isn't the right image
but I hope I’ve created you one.
Im Living my dream
and i hope you are too...