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Everything that could possible happen between people happens during photography. It’s cool to see life thru a lens and play out on that stage over and over again. For me photography is a chance to peek in the human condition a little bit and see what makes people human and too see what makes them tick. It could be love, hate, stress, fear or anything for that matter but I have seen it through photography. I love it and I have to see that real burn out. If I saw photography as a job then I would get burnt out. I love to see a different way on how to understand people and even the relationships between people. Seeing so much beauty, emotion and action in photography made me open my eyes. Every day and ever place I walk I see something I can capture with a camera. I am always making notes and creating my own Rolodex of ideas. When I photograph, I document life happening before my eyes. It’s dynamic, fluid, and I must react to what’s happening before me to capture its essence. I love the problem solving and the hunt that comes along with photography.

Life Transformed.....

Every one of us is crying out
to be transformed into art:
I mean Love as Life, in us
at last — when the blue sky
tumbles down to kiss our body;
and the sun stretches out
his golden arms to hug us
so exuberantly that at day’s end
the insides of our skin shines.
Some people are so tender
in their hearts that their eyes
brighten with tears at the mention
of God… or a carefree child,
or the plight of poor desert women.
There is a knowing that goes far beyond
old tribal grievances and religions.
There is a song that can only be sung
when sighed into the heart of wind,
or with lips to earth, whispered down
cracks into the dark, or laughed
into the unknowing ears of infants.
There is a dance that can only be danced alone,
when you are naked and nothing can touch you
but the breath of God’s sky.
I know the radiant fingers that formed galaxies,
and that moon, and these trees
are able to form a human heart
in such a way that birds will wish
they could give up the sky
to come live within a cage
made of rib bones
just to be near that heart’s
silent singing in Light.